Press brake and forming

CNC press brake for fast and accurate forming

A Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) press brake is a long, narrow piece of machinery which bends large pieces of metal. We use our CNC press to form sheet steel, square channel tube and rounded steel tube.

Our team are highly skilled and pay the closest attention to every detail at each stage. You can be sure that we make your bespoke metal products to the highest standard. Everything we manufacture at Dymond Engineering is, of course, in accordance with our quality assurance system.

We have the tooling to form angles from 170° to 30° in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, from 0.5mm to 4mm gage. Dymond use ductile metals, which bend before they break. We often have to bend the metal several times before we achieve the correct shape.

The formed metal can then be finished to your requirements.

If you want to understand more about our press brake – read on!

Press brakes use high pressure to force a metal sheet or wire metal between two parts of a tool to create folds. A die with a V-shaped groove forms the lower part of the press brake. The punch is the upper part, which presses the sheet metal down into the die, which causes the metal to bend.

The angle of the die is slightly smaller than is required for the bend (for instance, a die angle of 85° is used to produce a 90°bend). A CNC program precisely controls the punch stroke to force the metal down and bend it through the desired angle. For sheet metal, the press brake can exert a forming power of approximately 25 tons per metre of length.

We program in precision, accuracy and consistency

We have fitted computer-controlled back stop gauges to the press brake. This ensures the correct position of the metal sheet therefore each particular fold is formed precisely. The CNC program manages and adjusts the position of the gauges, enabling operator to create a number of different folds to a high level of accuracy within the same program.

Just to give you a bit more…

…600 years ago, the definition of a brake was “an instrument for crushing or pounding.” In the farming industry, over time the term “brake” became synonymous with “machine”. So, a “pressing machine” and a “press brake” are one in the same.



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Metal forming:

10mm radius at 40 degree angle – mild steel

Metal-Bending. 10mm-radius-@-40-°angle mild steel


6mm radius at 35 degree angle – mild steel

Sheet Metal Forming - 6mm-radius-@-35°angle Mild Steel


mild steel channel

engineered metalwork solutions: Mild Steel Channel



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