Dymond Engineering, for your bespoke metal products

Dymond manufactures and delivers award-winning bespoke metal products within a two to four week lead-time at competitive UK prices.

Some of our customers have been with us for over 40 years, which says more that we ever could about our products and service.

Whether you are looking for a new or more flexible fabricator, need extra capacity, or are struggling with an engineering design problem get in touch.

Putting the Great back into Great British Manufacturing

We are passionate about supporting Great British Manufacturing, and the valuable role it plays in supporting our local communities, the UK economy and sustainability. 

We are proud to be a UK manufacturer. If you want to Buy British, contact us now!

We will use our 40 plus years’ of British manufacturing experience to make sure you get what you need at the best price possible and with the first-class service you deserve.

Welder hard at work


We offer a full range of steel sheet and tube fabrication capabilities, which, coupled with our engineering expertise and our skilled production teams, gives you the best results at the most cost-effective prices.

Our bespoke metal products expertise includes cutting, forming, welding, powder coating, as well as value-engineering and design-engineering expertise – all backed up with our flexible approach.


Bespoke metal products

We specialise in bespoke metal products that are fabricated from mild and stainless steel sheet, tube and wire, and which are NOT structural or architectural.

Our award winning product range includes shop fittings, gym racks, desk frames, table legs, display equipment, enclosures and many others, but we are flexible enough to make anything you want!

Upholstered rock and roll bed in an upright position - in grey and black
Dymond Engineering's stylish and robust shop fittings displaying brightly coloured sports wear

Shop fittings

Are you looking for the perfect retail display solution?

We specialise in manufacturing bespoke metal shop fittings for retailers, designers and shop fitters. You will find our display fittings in independents and national multiples throughout the UK and Europe.

To find out about shop fittings that will display your merchandise to best effect and maximise sales, call us.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance to Dymond and we often manufacture bespoke metal products for clients in information-sensitive sectors such as the MOD, medical and shop fittings. This means that we can’t publicise much of the work that we do. However, some clients have kindly given us great testimonials which you can find here.


Darcy in a blue cardigan sanitising her hand with a Gerry Giraffe hand sanitsiser stand
Dymond Engineering's Directors Mike Garner and Sue Roberts – Sue is ready to weld with protective clothing and mask



About us

Founded in 1981, our family run Devon company was originally set up to manufacture metal shop fittings. Dymond has since successfully expanded and diversified into a full range of bespoke metal products to meet the metalwork needs of a wide range of industry sectors.

Dymond has great engineering, fabrication and office teams whose commitment and skill are second to none. We are also passionate about reviving manufacturing in the UK and supporting our local community.

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