Dymond Engineering – the bespoke metal fabrication partner for your industry

Dymond Engineering supply bespoke metal fabrication services to a wide range of industries, including retail, domestic and commercial. We are here to offer help with design and fabrication for large ongoing projects and even one-offs.

Are you looking for a trusted subcontractor to work with, or maybe you just want to make changes to your current supply-chain so you can get better service and better value for money. If so, you need Dymond.

The most important thing Dymond offers is a quality bespoke metalwork service you can trust. And we understand the importance of a reliable supplier to your business, so with over 40 years’ experience as a sub-contract manufacturer, that’s exactly what we give you.

We understand what you need from bespoke metal fabrication

Because we work across so many industries, we can get into the detail to make sure we understand all aspects of your requirements. This means we give you the right bespoke metal products you want, when you want them.

At Dymond we specialise in manufacturing products from sheet, tube or wire – and any combination of these – using mild steel and stainless steel. Consequently, we provide a comprehensive range of metal fabrication capabilities on-site at our Devon-based factory in Barnstaple. With these facilities we can efficiently design engineer and value engineer, manufacture, and finish your custom metal products.

Specialising in steel, means we have the capability and expertise to make a wide range of custom metal products for our clients who include manufacturers, joinery companies, installers and fit-out companies, as well as a number of direct clients including schools and colleges.

Industry specific considerations taken into account

When there are industry specific factors to take into consideration, we work in partnership with our customers. So, this ensures that all considerations are addressed and incorporated at design stage.

Whichever industry you work in, come and talk to us about bespoke metal fabrication!

You will see below the areas in which we currently work. So, please get in touch if you need a metalwork subcontractor. Of course, if you want to visit us, we will be happy to make an appointment to do that. Or if you prefer we can Skype or Zoom.

Dymond have experience you can trust.