New Starters for Summer 21 at Dymond!

Recruitment News Spring 2021

We have some great recruitment news for Spring 2021! Dymond Engineering has been hiring new starters over the last few months! Matthew. We were very pleased when Matthew joined us in April. Matthew has been working in metal manufacturing and other varied manufacturing processes for years. Just prior to joining us he was designing quality…

Shopfittings Display for Boxfit by Dymond Engineering

Instore vs Online – finding a balance

Levelling the playing field. In an attempt to level the playing field between online and in-store profits, the chair of John Lewis, Sharon White has reportedly called on Rishi Sunak to consider abandoning business rates in favour of a land tax. Land tax considers the value of the land by location only and not…

A Dymond Rock and Roll Bed frame

Camping in the UK!

Great Camping Weather! In 2020 we had great camping weather and we got out there in record breaking numbers. This year the weather looks “changeable”.  Changeable, as we know, is a euphemism for a bit wet and wild. This prompted 10 tips for UK camping which, oddly perhaps, for an engineering company, shaped last week’s…

Great weather for camping

Ten top tips for camping in the UK

Fun in tents, campervans and motorhomes. Tents, campervans and motorhomes soared in popularity in 2020 because the restrictions on international travel stopped most of us going abroad for our holidays. 2020 was a record-breaking year for camping and 2021 is looking likely to follow suit! We were helped by the weather last year as we…

Dymond Engineering manufacture furniture for your home

Domestic Furniture from Dymond Engineering

Manufacturing high-quality home furniture for retailers and designers. Are you designer or retailer who needs someone to manufacture your high-quality home furniture?  Look no further than Dymond Engineering! We have been manufacturing commercial furniture and fittings for over 40 years, working with shops, libraries, schools, offices and food prep facilities, and we now manufacture high-quality…

College Library Shelves - Braunton Academy

High-quality metalwork furniture

High-quality stainless steel and steel furniture. Dymond Engineering specialise in high-quality stainless steel and steel metalwork furniture. We supply furniture for office-based businesses, schools, libraries and even food-preparation areas. During Covid, working practices have continued to change. We are now manufacturing desks, table legs and frames specifically for hot desks and serviced office spaces. These…


Great British Manufacturing

Badge of Honour The uncertainly of Brexit is behind us and the vaccine roll out in front of us – great news! And more great news, Dymond are continuing to put the “Great” back into “Great British Manufacturing”. We are working with our clients to help them bring their manufacturing back into Britain from over-seas.…