Open for business as usual

We are pleased to announce that Dymond Engineering is open for business as usual during this year’s Whit bank holiday week.

Previously Dymond Engineering has maintained the factory tradition of shutting down during Whit week at the end of May.  This was possible because typically it was a quiet week due to other businesses also closing during shut down week which helped the company to manage staff holidays and enabled those with families to all take time off during the school half-term.

This year however the factory will remain open to meet the demand for folding, laser cutting and TIG welding capacity.  So if you need to contact us this week we would love to hear from you.

Everyone at Dymond Engineering  sends their love and best wishes to Ian and Kayleigh on the birth of their baby boy.  Congratulations, it’s wonderful news and we are very happy for you.   We look forward to seeing Ian back at work soon.

On 22 March we attended an excellent ‘Business Spark’ event near Filleigh, South Molton, held by Devon County Council and delivered by the Innovation Centre at the University of Exeter.  The focus of the event was how to access the benefits of knowledge and innovation to improve your bottom line.

The main presentation was delivered by Prof John Bessant, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the University of Exeter. John is an excellent speaker and brings considerable expertise to the subject, talking about what elements of your business you can fine-tune to encourage innovation.

We also heard from local businesses about how they have adopted innovation to improve their business, and from the Design Council about the importance of good design in all aspects of your business.  There was also plenty of opportunity for networking and an excellent lunch provided by Castle Hill.

The event launched a new Innovation Fitness tool developed by John Bessant which will be supported by partners who can provide a range of subsidised support to help Devon companies take the next steps.

To find out more contact

Lisa Cetinkaya – / 01237 426423

Dymond Engineering attended a very interesting evening last week, hosted by the North Devon Manufacturers Association (NDMA).  It was a Bank of England consultation meeting when members and agents of the bank visit local business communities to find out about the issues affecting our businesses.

The meeting was led by Martin Weale, a Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, accompanied by Stephen Collins and Geoff Harding, South West Agents and started with an insight into current monetary policy and decision making.  This was followed over dinner by a questions and answers session and a chance for manufacturers to express their views.

The main message that came out of the meeting which Martin was reporting back to the Bank was the difficulties businesses face in accessing available and affordable finance.

The NDMA held their first breakfast meeting of 2013 on Wednesday 13 February, attended by Dymond’s Sue Roberts.

The focus of the meeting was the Supply Chain with a very interesting presentation from Nick Golding, a supply chain specialist with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS). Nick talked about the changing nature of the supply chain and how it’s become a global network of partnerships, with local supplier relationships being as important as overseas suppliers.

As a sub-contract manufacturer Dymond Engineering is very aware of our customers’ global networks, and how our responsive UK service and engineering expertise fit within them, as well as the increasingly important reduced carbon footprint.

And as well as the presentation there was the usual opportunity to network with local companies which is always useful.

Dymond Engineering announces the retirement of Dev Deverell.

Dev retired on his 65th birthday on 11th January. Dev worked in a key role providing drawing and production support services for the factory for nearly 9 years and he will be missed by his colleagues. However, Dev’s association with Dymond will continue as he will provide cover support on a self-employed basis should the need arise. Indeed he is already back with us for the day on Tuesday!

Whilst Dev has retired he is definitely not taking it easy and has a full package of interests and activities to keep him fully occupied. We wish him all the best and look forward to working with him in his new capacity.

Taking over from Dev is Ian Halton who has been working and training alongside Dev for the last year so he is able to step straight into the role. Ian previously worked in the factory so he offers a broad understanding of the business and we are very pleased to welcome him to the role in the drawing office.

December is certainly a busy month at Dymond. While shoppers flock to high street stores, retailers are looking for new and inventive ways to display their products next year.

When it comes to metal shop fittings and point of sale display stands, we can offer cost effective solutions on-time and on-budget (something which is critical as we look forward to the New Year).

With many projects lined up for 2013, all signs are pointing to a promising quarter at Dymond Engineering. Why not work with us on your next metalwork project and see what benefits we can bring to your business.

A reminder that over the Christmas period, we will be closed from Thursday 20th December until Wednesday 2nd January.

From everyone at Dymond Engineering, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Today we are pleased to announce that our new website has gone live. We have redesigned the site to make it easier to navigate and to better display the services we offer here at Dymond Engineering. We welcome you to have a look around. Contact us using the form on the right for your next metalwork project.

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