CNC Laser Cutting

Your complex shapes and forms are achieved with Dymond Engineering’s high-speed laser cutting technology.

Laser cutting directs a high-power laser beam precisely at the point where you need the metal to be cut. This melts away the metal to leave a surface edge with a high-quality finish.

Dymond operates a Mazak CNC laser to cut precise shapes and patterns in sheet metal up to a gauge of 5mm and in steel tubing. The CNC laser produces cuts at optimum cost, straight from your drawings.

High speed precision, competitive pricing

A CNC laser cutting programme can be set up fast to shorten lead times and reduce the cost of creating complex contours. Also, our estimators plan to generate the maximum yield from materials, giving you the lowest possible unit prices.

Precision and the ability to cut complex profiles at high speed compared with alternatives such as punching are the big benefits of laser cutting.

As laser systems have a smaller heat-affected zone than other cutting methods, there is reduced possibility of heat distortion of the material being cut. Distortion is much less likely than with plasma cutting, which is often used for cutting thicker gauge materials. Laser cutting can also cut some materials which are difficult or impossible to cut using more traditional methods.

How laser cutting works

In laser cutting, a focused high energy beam of light melts metal in a controlled sequence. The laser light beam is generated when electrical charges are applied to excite the molecules of gas held within a container. As they become excited, the molecules release energy in the form of light. Mirrors reflect the light beam to focus and concentrate the light until it has sufficient energy to escape from the container as a high energy light. Another mirror then focuses the light on to a lens which in turn focuses it on to the precise point on the metal to start cutting

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