Staying healthy is a serious business and these cool hand sanitiser stands encourage children to learn and play safely.

We designed Gerry specifically to encourage children to remember to sanitise their hands, by making it a fun part of their learning and play routine.

We can also make custom stands to suit your school or brand.  And we can adapt them to fit your existing dispensing units so there is no need to buy new dispensers if not required.

Being free-standing they can be placed exactly where you need them, outside as well as inside, although they should not be left out overnight or in heavy rain.

Wherever you have children in your care – in schools, pre-schools, soft play areas, doctors’ surgeries, shops or family pubs – our fun-to-use hand sanitiser stands will help keep children safe.

We can custom design stands to suit your school mascott or business brand and to fit your needs in your school, venue or business setting – for adults as well as children!

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Gerry’s Specifications

  • Gerry is constructed from mild steel and is powder coated
  • Gerry is 135cm tall and 33.5cm wide at his head
  • The base is 40cm x 40cm, making Gerry stable in use
  • Gerry weighs 10kg
  • Gerry can be adapted to fit all widely available sanitiser dispensers, so no need to replace your existing units
  • Bespoke designs are available on request to suit your setting, brand or product
  • Discounts available for multiple stands
  • Sanitiser dispensing units can be supplied if required.
Hand sanitiser dispenser stand for children
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