The Total Training Tower (‘TX3’) has been design-engineered to an elite standard at an affordable price.

The TX3 Tower was conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown by a Jack Eyers, a GB athlete, who was disappointed with the quality of affordable towers that were on the market for home use.

So Jack specified the training tower that he would want to use and asked us to work with him to design-engineer, manufacture and test the tower to an elite standard designed specifically for home use.  Jack has been closely involved throughout the development to ensure TX3 satisfies all his requirements for quality, stability, versatility and usability.

The outcome is a high-quality tower which is as versatile, robust and stable as the commercial equipment you would use in a gym, but which is suitable for home use.  This means it can fit into your house or garage without needing to be bolted to the floor or wall, it has head clearance for pull ups, and is flexible for users of different heights, sizes and abilities.

Total Training Tower TX3 with Jack Eyers
TX3 Total Training Tower
Total Training Tower TX3

Extra Features

Unusally, the TX3 Tower boasts an additional 3rd pull-up grip position which is angled in order to accommodate users who have limited mobility in their shoulders.  The 45° angle also encourages greater engagement of the Latissimus Dorsi.

In addition, the TX3 comes with fully adjustable safety bars which can be adjusted to any height thereby accommodating a wider variety of exerices.  The safety bars are rated to 200kg.


And what’s more, it’s made here in the UK – all at an affordable price! The tower has been tested to 400kg load, and is rated for use at 200kg.

Special Features of the TX3

  • Rated for use at up to 200kg.
  • Pull up bar has three grip variations: wide grip, neutral grip and an additional angled grip for users with a limited range of shoulder mobility.  The 45° angle also encourages more latissimus dorsi engagement.
  • Available in Standard (2000x1040mm) and XL (2300x1200mm) sizes.
  • Standard size is 2000mm tall to allow for head clearance when doing pull ups in a spare room/ garage, with standard height ceiling.
  • Secure and stable without needing to be bolted to the floor or wall.
  • Easy to adjust safety bars with a load of 200kg.  These are adjustable to any height to accomodate a wide variety of exercies.
  • Attachable dip bars.
  • Weight plate storage side bars.
Total-Training-Tower- X3 - with-Jack Eyers

The TX3 ‘Total Training Tower’ is available in standard and XL sizes.

STANDARD TX3 is 2000x1040mm to allow for head clearance in the home.

XL TX3 is 2300x1200mm for use in a garage or outside.

The Total Training Tower is designed and manufactured in the UK. There is currently a 2-3 week manufacturing time.

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