How we give you better products at keener prices

Our engineering and fabricating capabilities are complemented by our exceptional design-engineering and value-engineering skills. 

Why is this important? 

Because it ensures we create products that really work! IE products that meet all your needs; that enable you to achieve the goals you have in mind (and more) and do so for the lowest possible cost.

Design-Engineering – Not just products, but valuable solutions

First and foremost we make sure the design really works in the physical world –does it stand up okay? Is it robust enough? Is it stylish enough?

Next, instead of merely asking what you want we’ll find out why you want it and use our experience and creativity to see if we can engineer your products to help you solve any wider business needs.

This will involve considering a number of different questions: does your product need to be especially robust; is the look and finish important; is there a particular way it will be used; is safety a big issue, are there particular environmental concerns; what are your budget constraints; has the weight got to be minimised; is ease of assembly important?

Our capabilities include design-engineering and value-engineering to achieve (or improve) product performance and reduce your costs.

Dymond-Engineering Design-Engineering.jpg
Design Engineering

Does your design work in the real world? Does it do everything you intended? Could it do more? Could it be made differently to reduce costs or offer better value for money?

Value-Engineering – More for your money 

Once we have your full requirements, and objectives clearly defined, our engineers will develop initial conceptual designs, then fine tune in greater detail before applying their value-engineering skills to improve functionality and minimise your costs.

This means engineering your product so it can be made more cost-effectively whilst achieving the same performance or better.

The result?  All the metal fabrication product qualities you need, the performance you want and excellent value for money into the bargain.

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