Boxfit UK

Dymond Engineering delighted us. Boxfit UK experienced excellent service for our brand-new store fit-out in Romford Essex.

We decided on an industrial look and theme with a modern twist. And once we found the look we wanted, went looking for a manufacturer to produce our floor and wall display units. Thankfully we found Dymond Engineering via the internet.

Mike, Sue and Gavin were really responsive and helpful from the outset.  We sent them our design sketches and broad requirements and they then designed the floor stands to meet the look we were after. Moreover they advised us on construction, materials, colours and sizes, etc.

Dymond then worked through our ideas. They made some prototype samples for us to approve ahead of the full manufacturing. So, when all the kit arrived there were no surprises or glitches. They made the delivery to the agreed time and this allowed us to be on schedule for our grand re-opening.

I’m also delighted to report that footfall has increased since we re-opened. Customers are curious of the new store layout and in spite of the COVID pandemic, we have experienced encouraging sales which we are sure is down to the new environment.