Calendar Club

We at Calendar Club have enjoyed working with Dymond and the team since 2004. They have helped us re-engineer many of our existing fittings, as well as developing new fixtures. This has resulted in a flexible system which enables us to build one of our seasonal units in any location to the required specification in a tough retail environment. When you have to build and close some 280 shops every year as we do, the detail is everything. Dymond understand precisely our particular needs for robustness in transportation, speed of build time, and discreet but stylish solutions.

Any problem we have presented them with, they have produced a solution for. We are always operating under tight timelines and delivery schedules, but Dymond always get us out of potential sticky situations. With their eye also for cost-savings, it helps us to keep growing our business steadily in a difficult and faltering economy. Long may it continue.