Metal finishing

Flawless metal finishing of our products is imperative. We take Great British pride in the finished look of everything we manufacture because we want you to be delighted with the end results.

We use several different types of metal finishing

Electrostatic Powder Coating (EPC) finishing

You can have your products finished in your chosen colour in our on-site EPC powder-coating plant.

Metal Dump Bin, Powder Coated Blue

EPC coating is a popular colour finish for metal products. It gives smooth uniform coverage which is robust and hard wearing and works brilliantly even on the most intricate constructions. Our full range of RAL colours offers you a very wide choice of finish. You can have conventional black or white right through to attention-grabbing yellow or shocking pink.  We can also offer the popular clear lacquer finish.

The process of powder coating applies colour to the metal in the form of a dry powder and then we ‘bake’ the powder onto the metal.

To prepare your metal components, the material undergoes an iron phosphate pre-treatment which improves the bonding of the powder and helps inhibit corrosion.

We can only offer powder coating for products that we fabricate for you.

Chrome, nickel and brass plated finishing to add a touch of class

We use chrome or nickel plating when you want a high-quality metallic finish for your products. Using our selected sub-contract plating services we offer bright, polished or brushed finishes, in either chrome or nickel.

This process uses electrolysis to coat a metal object with a thin layer of a second metal. It produces a neutral, reflective, lustrous, and chip-resistant finish that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to even the most mundane components.

Our team can advise you on the choice of chrome plate or nickel plate finishing options for the metal products we produce for you.

Because we sub-contract this service we are unable to offer plating for single items, or for wheels or motor parts and we can only offer electroplating and chroming for products that we fabricate for you.

Stainless Steel comes in several finishes

Mill finish

Mill finishes offer the cheapest finish option. The finish varies from dull to mirror-like and becomes less uniform as the thickness or diameter of the steel increases.

Brushed stainless – 240 grit

Deleted: A brushed finish is created using bristles or nylon fabric in a fine abrasive action which does not remove the surface layer.  This creates what’s referred to as grit and there are a number of GRIT specifications.  ‘240 grit polished’ is the finish we work mostly with at Dymond.

Polished stainless

A polished finish is produced either mechanically using a series of gradually finer abrasives, or by a rolling procedure that simulates the appearance of mechanical abrasion. To achieve an even smoother polish, the polished surface is further buffed to give a mirror-like appearance which is referred to as ‘mirror polished’.

Special finishes

These include random scratch patterns, swirls, circles, embossed textures, and various colouring and coating methods.  They tend to be used when the appearance is important and for specialised industrial purposes.

RAL is a European colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics

RAL Chart showing finish colours

Uncalibrated computer screens are not able to display the exact RAL colours extremely accurately

Metal Enclosure Powder Coated Green
Double latch pin locking system secures the seat in place
Mobile Hand Sanitiser Stand being used by a child wearing PPE

Please use the colours on this website as a reference only. Talk to us about colour specific requirements before you order


We EPC the frames of our office and hospitality furniture to give a robust and attractive finish