Press brake and forming

CNC press brake for fast and accurate forming

A press brake is a long, narrow machine which efficiently bends large pieces of metal using Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) We use our CNC press to form sheet steel, square channel tube and rounded steel tube.

Our team are highly skilled and pay the closest attention to every detail at each stage. You can be sure that we make your bespoke metal products to the highest standard. Everything we manufacture at Dymond is, of course, in accordance with our quality assurance system.

Tooling and angles

We have the tooling to form angles from 170° to 30° in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, from 0.5mm to 4mm gage. Dymond use ductile metals, which bend before they break. We often have to bend the metal several times before we achieve the correct shape.

The formed metal can then be finished to your requirements.

Why is it called a Press Brake?

We aim to give you a bit more – and so thought you might like to know this! The 15th century definition of brake was “an instrument for crushing or pounding.” Ultimately the term “brake” became synonymous with “machine,” derived over time from machines used to crush grain and plant fibers. So in its simplest form, a “pressing machine” and a “press brake” are one in the same. Find out more here.

Dymond – we bend over backwards for you!

Metal forming:

10mm radius at 40 degree angle – mild steel

Metal-Bending. 10mm-radius-@-40-°angle mild steel

6mm radius at 35 degree angle – mild steel

Sheet Metal Forming from the Press Brake - 6mm-radius-@-35°angle Mild Steel

mild steel channel

engineered metalwork solutions: Mild Steel Channel