Value engineering and design engineering as standard

Solve your cost and design challenges with our exceptional team of value engineering and design engineering professionals who complement Dymond’s fabricating capabilities perfectly. Our engineers have honed their skills during years in the business. And of course their knowledge is constantly growing to encompass new methods and technologies.

Why is value engineering and design engineering important…

…because it guarantees that we design and engineer products that really work! That is to say, products that meet all your needs and enable you to achieve your goals. And we do this for the lowest possible cost.

Design engineering – not just products, but valuable solutions

First and foremost we make sure the design works in the real world. Does it stand up? Will it be robust? Has it got great style?

Next, instead of just asking what you want, we’ll find out why you want it. Then we use our experience and creativity to design engineer your products to help you solve any wider business needs. Sometimes we have solved problems our customers didn’t even know they had!

We ask a number of questions at the outset. Is the look and finish important? Will it be used in a particular way? Is safety a big issue?  Are there particular environmental concerns? What are your budget constraints? Has the weight got to be minimised? Is ease of assembly important?

Value engineering, more for your money

Once we have your full requirements and objectives clearly defined, our engineers will develop initial conceptual designs. Then they fine tune in greater detail before applying their skills to improve functionality.  And of course minimise your costs.

This means that we engineer your products so they can be manufactured cost-effectively whilst achieving the same performance or better, whether we are producing shop fittings, office furniture or any other products!

The result?  All the fabrication product quality you need, the performance you want and excellent value for money into the bargain. Thanks to Dymond’s design engineering and value engineering capabilities.

Re-shoring – helping to bring your products home

There is a great sentiment at the moment around the ideal of bringing our manufacturing back to the UK.  But of course for many businesses the cost of overseas production cannot be ignored.

We are already working with our clients to help bring their manufacturing back into Britain from overseas. Using our expertise we are able to adapt many existing products so they can be made more cost-effectively whilst achieving the same performance, or better.

Work with us and we will use our knowledge and 40 years’ plus experience to design engineer and value engineer your products. We always strive for an economically viable cost, and whilst we cannot match Chinese prices, we may be able to value engineer your product to reduce the UK cost of production. Thus making it viable for you to enjoy the benefits of re-shoring your products.

Our capabilities include design engineering and value engineering to achieve (or improve) product performance and reduce your costs.

“Dymond Engineering provide invaluable input into the design and functionality of the shop fittings we require. They advise us on strengths and load bearings, engineering costs and address important issues of longevity which are crucial to our retail environments.”

Jamie, Design at Salt Rock


When it comes to design and value engineering, Dymond is all over it.

Value engineering and design engineering as standard

Design and drawing a new product

The quality you need, the performance you want and excellent value for money


Bringing manufacturing back home

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Customers that we have worked with are now enjoying the benefits of UK production:

  • greater control
  • greatly reduced leadtimes, transport costs and carbon footprint
  • avoiding supply chain disruption that might arise from Brexit
  • enormous satisfaction in having brought their production back to the UK