Have your products finished in your chosen colour in our on-site EPC powder-coating plant in Devon, complete with iron phosphate pre-treatment.

Powder coating is a popular colour finish for metal products because it gives smooth uniform coverage which is robust and hard wearing, even on the most intricate constructions. Our full range of RAL colours offers you a very wide choice of finish, from conventional black or white to attention-grabbing yellow or shocking pink.  We can also offer the popular clear lacquer finish.

Please note we can only offer powder coating for products that we fabricate for you.  We are unable to offer powder coating for single items, or for wheels or motor parts.

The process of powder coating applies colour to the metal in the form of a dry powder.

Dymond Engineering - EPC Powder Coating
Dymond Engineering - EPC Powder Coating Plant Devon

To prepare your metal components for power coating, they undergo an iron phosphate pre-treatment which improves the bonding of the powder and helps inhibit corrosion.

Chrome and Nickel Plate to add a touch of class

For when you need to achieve a high-quality metallic finish for your products. Using our selected sub-contract plating services we can offer bright, polished or brushed finishes, in either chrome or nickel.

Please note we offer electroplating and chroming only for products that we fabricate for you. Because we sub-contract this service are unable to offer plating for single items, or for wheels or motor parts. 

This process uses electrolysis to coat a metal object with a thin layer of a second metal. It produces a neutral, reflective, lustrous, and chip-resistant finish that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to even the most mundane components.

Our team can advise you on the choice of chrome plate or nickel plate finishing options for the metal products we produce for you.

Dymond Engineering - RAL Colour Chart