A lovely display of children's clothes in an LC Waikiki shop with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering

Versatile shop fittings to display ladies’, men’s and children’s fashion

A sophisticated display young adult-wear including dresses and jackets in an LC Waikiki shop with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering

Versatile, interchangeable wall display system

A display of children's tops with contracting lower-wear in an LC Waikiki shop with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering

Mid-floor gondola and wall display system

LC Waikiki is a multi-national clothing retailer based in Turkey, with over 1120 stores in 51 different countries. Originating in France in 1988, it now sees revenue streams in the billions. LC Waikiki, is therefore, aiming to be one of the top three most successful fashion retailers in Europe by 2023.

LC Waikiki: The overview – shop fittings are crucial to the continued success of every retailer. In 2011 LC Waikiki undertook a major shop fittings review

The then MD of LC Waikiki, Gordon Bullock, formerly the CEO for TK Maxx arranged the review. Gordon Bullock recruited Jonathan Loader to run the process.

The review findings

The findings revealed that LC Waikiki’s shop fittings needed considerable engineering TLC. Their shop fittings were found to be:

  • Complex, inflexible and difficult to use
  • Full of unnecessary components being used to achieve simple effects
  • Abundant in large restrictive top shelves and cumbersome side wings

Because Jonathan Loader is a long-time business associate of Dymond, he understood Dymond’s shop fitting expertise and ability to handle such jobs. Due to this confidence in Dymond, Jonathan recommended us for the brief.

LC Waikiki’s Requirement

A new streamlined system for LC Waikiki was needed. Using the adage “less is more” and with our specialist design engineering, skills, Dymond was perfect to take on the brief.

The Brief: Easy to install, adaptable and customer friendly fittings

  • Minimal parts, maximum configurations
  • Quick to install in new stores
  • Practical design for merchandisers
  • Allowing sales boosting displays
  • Customer friendly and simple to navigate
  • Cost effective

The Solution: Dymond designed a Rear Service Bar system exclusively for LC Waikiki

Paying strict attention to the brief, the team at Dymond devised a Rear Service Bar system. A retail display system, based on the Dymond Rail System. This included a saddle fitting, allowing it to slot easily into the existing LC Waikiki kit.

Equipped with a full-scale prototype Dymond visited Turkey, impressing the whole team with the benefits of re-engineering the display equipment. Two prototype arms and a T-Bar were assembled. We hung 6 pairs of jeans over each side of the bar. When we removed all of the jeans from one side the display remained completely stable. Usually, this kind of structural integrity means welding and therefore inflexible design. However, the T-Bar was completely removable – a result of our intelligent design.

LC Waikiki was extremely impressed, because, by using a series of interchangeable accessories the size of the display can be altered to suit company needs. The rest is history, as they say!

The Result: Satisfied customers, and a measurable sales boost

LC Waikiki found the Dymond system installed quickly, so saving a week of labour costs. Merchandisers expressed pleasure in using the displays – no more searching for the “right hook”, because all hooks fitted the same way. Additionally, happy customers remarked upon the easy nature of the fittings.

Overall, the new system was 28% cheaper to produce and sparked a 38% increase in sales figures.