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New Laser Welder

The new laser welder. We have a new laser welder at Dymond Engineering! Dymond has been working in partnership with one of our suppliers on an exciting R&D project. Together we have developed the brain and memory of our new welder. In laser welding, the laser beam provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow,…

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Health of our planet. Now, more than ever, I find myself focussing on the health of our planet. Daily news bulletins are rarely up-lifting. War, a global pandemic, increasing fuel prices, food shortages, delays at airports, queues in A&E – it’s currently a bit grim. Even the Platinum Jubilee was tainted amid comparisons of the…

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HFSS Legislation. More than 20 years ago Tesco started to remove high in fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS) items from their checkouts. Since then, in many other retailers, we have seen impulse-purchase chocolate bars and crips replaced with bottled water, “healthier” snacks like nuts and seeds and – of course – chewing gum and Amazon…