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HFSS Legislation. More than 20 years ago Tesco started to remove high in fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS) items from their checkouts. Since then, in many other retailers, we have seen impulse-purchase chocolate bars and crips replaced with bottled water, “healthier” snacks like nuts and seeds and – of course – chewing gum and Amazon…

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Face masks

Face masks and shopping. As a shop fittings supplier to the bricks and mortar retail market Dymond Engineering has a keen interest in our high streets and malls remaining full, profitable, and of course safe. There have been mixed reactions to the news that face masks are mandatory again in shops and shopping centres.  Masks…

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Our local economy.

Passionate supporters of our local economy. At Dymond Engineering we are vocal about UK business and bringing manufacturing back to Great Britain through re-shoring. We are also passionate supporters of our local economy. Dymond always employs and buys locally whenever possible. Although we know it’s the right thing to do, any positive financial impact has…