Campervan metal bed frames

Giving your conversions the edge!

Dymond Engineering supplies a range of very high quality campervan metal bed frames to the conversion industry.

We are metal work engineers first and foremost, and so we understand what is needed in the design and manufacturing process, to give your customer what they want from a from a bed frame, safety, convenience and strength built in. And through our team of skilled designers, welders and finishers, you can rest assured that is exactly what you’ll get.

We can work with you in several ways

  • manufacture your own design bed frames
  • supply you with branded bed frames
  • help you through testing your own bed frames

Comfort and convenience

Our frames provide the base for a really comfortable night’s sleep which is essential for any successful holiday, especially when long distance-driving is involved to find the best and most secluded areas with great views.

Of course, as well as just the frames, we can also supply upholstered beds, if required.

Made in the UK

All of our frames are manufactured in our factory in North Devon, because we believe in supporting Great British Manufacturing

You can see pictures of our rock and roll bed below – with and without upholstery

Seat locks securely in upright position, ready for the journey
Frame glides effortlessly with use of a single handle
  • Frame glides effortlessly with use of a single handle

    A hand is pulling the loop to open a Rock and Roll Bed

Air ram and metal bearings give an easy glide transition
  • Rock and Roll bed with black and grey upholstery at a 90 degree angle

    Frame glides effortlessly with use of a single handle

Heavy duty, easy glide, wheeled track system for ease of operation
Double latch pin locking system secures the seat in place
  • A Rock and Roll bed shown in black and grey upholstery from the back

    Double latch pin locking system secures the seat in place

Metal roller bearings help you glide the frame from seat to bed
  • Metal roller bearings help you glide the frame from seat to bed

    Rock and roll bed shown here in grey and black upholstery in the flat position

Let the frame take the strain

Dymond’s own metal rock and roll bed frame is called the Eezee Glide and is a heavy duty, easy glide, wheeled track system designed for both ease and safety of use. It is assisted by our air ram and metal roller bearings and you will find the frame easy to operate with just one handle.

You get all the quality you want, but as this bed frame is untested, we can offer it at a lower price. Most untested beds do not stand up to close scrutiny, which ours most definitely do.

The EeZee Glide bed has been designed to fit a VW Transporter van conversion and measures 2000mm x 1100mm when extended flat. We can however adapt the frame to fit other vans of similar size. It is very similar to the M1-tested Rock and Roll bed frame that we make on behalf of campervan conversion businesses, but the EeZee Glide frame design has not been tested. This product has seat-belt points and seat-belts can be provided if requested – and again we can offer an upholstered option.

Bespoke rock and roll bed frames

At Dymond we also supply rock and roll campervan beds and frames to businesses which carry out conversions and installation.

So, as well as our own Dymond EeZee Glide bed frame – we can also custom make bespoke bed frames to your specification.

We can make for any van, including:

Volkwagen Transporter, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato, Fiat Talento, Nissan NV300, Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Crafter, Mazda Bongo and many other vans.

For made to order frames we have a minimum production quantity of 10 per order.

If you like the campervan bed frames, you may be interested to know we manufacture strong, safe metal enclosures for gas bottles and high-quality chassis bars too!

You want top quality beds and excellent customer service; we deliver both.” Sue Roberts – Director.

The EeZee Glide in action!

Ezee Glide Rock and Roll Bed


An absolute ‘must-have’ for any camper van conversion. Transforming your rear seats into a comfortable bed at night

Features and benefits

  • The EeZee Glide offers a very high quality untested, and therefore cheaper, option where appropriate

  • Heavy duty, easy glide, wheeled track system for safety and ease of operation

  • Operates with a single handle, locking on either side of the frame

  • Double latch pin locking system

  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel box section tube,

  •  Strong and durable but not heavy

  • This product has seat-belt points

  • Upholstered options available

  • Heavy duty metal anchor points

  • Powder coated

  • Large under-seat storage area

  • The base measures 920mm x 760mm

  • When seated: 1140mm x 1100mm

  • When laid flat:  2000mm x 1100mm

The back seats of a Dymond Rock and Roll bed