Dymond Engineering has its own brand product range

Dymond’s own brand product range has been honed over the last 10 years.

“We have invested time, money and expertise into making a successful and award winning range of metalwork products. We sell these under the Dymond brand.” Mike Garner: Managing Director at Dymond.

Sometimes, Dymond sees a gap in the market. For example, we know lots of keen campers and when they told us about the shortage of good quality rock and roll bed frames we developed the Dymond Eezee Glide which is a great rock and roll bed frame that fits VW Transporters, but we can easily adapt the Eezee Glide to fit other vans.

We have also partnered with specialists, for example in the case of the TX3 home gym training tower. We co-designed and built the TX3 with Jack Eyers. Jack is a GB Para-athlete, who needed a reliable training tower during the 2020 and 2021 lock down. The result is an elite training tower at an affordable price.

“Having Dymond’s own brand product range allows us to innovate and create all the time.” Sue Roberts: Director at Dymond

Please have a look through our store below – and most importantly get in touch if you want to buy one of our products or if you want to co-create with us!

Come to Dymond to bring your designs to life.


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