Environmental policy and practice – a business you can use with a clear conscience

We value the environment and its natural resources, fully understanding the urgent need to protect it both for the present time and for future generations. With this in mind we strive to reduce our impact through the following measures:

  • Consumption and Production – Using our value-engineering expertise we always advise and encourage our clients to achieve minimal consumption of materials and limit the number of processes used in the manufacture of their products. This reduces wastage and energy consumption – although scrap is sent for recycling we do our utmost to keep quantities as small as possible.

  • Recycling – All waste materials are recycled as far as practical and appropriate. This is achieved using approved recyclers to minimise waste sent to landfill.

  • Hazardous waste – We limit the production of hazardous waste in any way we can.  Where it occurs we manage its use, storage and disposal to achieve minimal impact to the environment.

  • Carbon footprint – We aim to reduce our carbon footprint as far as possible. This includes minimising vehicle mileage through use of local suppliers, electronic communications and grouping haulage deliveries wherever practical.

  • Staff awareness – We include our staff in our environmental programmes to maintain awareness of the need to reduce waste in the form of raw materials and energy consumption. Staff put this into action by maximising the usage of sheet metal to reduce scrap and by turning off equipment and processors when not in use.