Stainless Steel Metalwork for Historic Display

Further to our recent story about the stainless steel metalwork we made for the historic Woolacombe and Mortehow Display in North Devon, here are a few more pictures of the actual metalwork.

Most of our work is subject to non-disclosure agreements so we are not able to make a splash about it.  We are therefore delighted to be able to talk about this one!!

Our thanks go to the following staff for their work on this project:

Shaun Couche
Colin Toleman
Paul Rowe
Dan Redmore
Mike Garner.

And our thanks to Ray Parkin, Sue Black and Alan Black for commissioning the work and being such great customers.

Dymond Engineering Metalwork in Woolacombe Display Dymond Metalwork in Woolacombe Display2 Dymond Metalwork in Woolacombe Display

Dymond Engineering attended a Hinkley Point C Awareness and Opportunity event held in Barnstaple this week aimed at building a North Devon supply chain for Hinkley C.

Dymond has attended numerous Hinkley C events over the last couple of years but this is the first to be held in the North Devon area and highlights the extent of the demand for regional suppliers, which is much greater than can be catered for in Somerset alone.  However the rigorous demands of working for Hinkley C, including all the non-core requirements, will put many would-be suppliers off, as do the delays and uncertainties around this truly massive project.

But for those who are prepared to invest in this huge supply chain opportunity that we have in North Devon, the returns could be there for decades to come.  The on-going challenge for us at Dymond is finding out if there is a requirement for our capabilities.  We know there is demand for structural steel work, steel bedding plates and other metal fabrications, but we still haven’t found out if there is a match for our non-structural metalwork capabilities.   We are in the process of updating our registration with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce’s Hinkley Supply Chain website which will help with matching us against requirements.

So much exploratory and preparatory work still to do, but an exciting opportunity awaits.  For more information visit the Somerset Chamber’s Hinkley Supply Chain website at

North Devon Business Event

Sue and Mike of Dymond Engineering attended an interesting North Devon business event last week.  The event was held jointly by RBS Bank – soon to be Williams & Glyn – and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) at the Barnstaple Hotel.

The event could be the first of a series in North Devon if there is sufficient demand, which feedback indicates there would be. It was attended by a range of businesses from across North Devon, including engineering and manufacturing as well as public sector and healthcare providers.

There was a positive mood of optimism amongst the manufacturers, including Dymond Engineering, which are seeing an improvement in their markets.

The evening was split into two parts.  Firstly a presentation from the CMI which focused on 5 key aspects to drive business improvement.  This was followed by a presentation from Williams & Glyn about the new bank and critically their criteria for assessing funding applications, which is very useful if you are thinking about making an application as the market improves.

Dymond Engineering Directors, Mike Garner & Sue Roberts

Dymond Engineering Directors,  North Devon Business