Pheasant Feeders in use in Rearing Pens

Whilst the galvanised Dymond Pheasant Feeders are designed for use in release pens and open environments, where they can protect the feed from livestock and pests, they are also effective for use in rearing pens.  Their large capacity, sturdy structure and ability to protect feed from the elements are as useful in the pens as they are in the open.

We were fortunate to capture photos of some 5 week old pheasant poults feeding from a feeder within a pen, and enjoying the shade it provided outside the brooder hut.

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Dymond Pheasant Feeder - Galvanised

Galvanised Dymond Pheasant Feeder with 5 week poults  feeding  

Dymond Feeder with poults feeding

Dymond Galvanised Feeder with poults feeding

Pheasant and Partridge Feeder

Galvanised Pheasant Feeder with poults taking shade

Dymond Pheasant feeder - keeping 60kg of feed Dry

Dymond Pheasant feeder – keeping 60kg of feed Dry – when the lid is in place!