Stainless Steel Metalwork for Historic Display

Further to our recent story about the stainless steel metalwork we made for the historic Woolacombe and Mortehow Display in North Devon, here are a few more pictures of the actual metalwork.

Most of our work is subject to non-disclosure agreements so we are not able to make a splash about it.  We are therefore delighted to be able to talk about this one!!

Our thanks go to the following staff for their work on this project:

Shaun Couche
Colin Toleman
Paul Rowe
Dan Redmore
Mike Garner.

And our thanks to Ray Parkin, Sue Black and Alan Black for commissioning the work and being such great customers.

Dymond Engineering Metalwork in Woolacombe Display Dymond Metalwork in Woolacombe Display2 Dymond Metalwork in Woolacombe Display

When Ray Parkin of Parkin Estates (owner of Woolacombe beach) decided to celebrate the tied history of Woolacombe and Mortehoe, Dymond Engineering was commissioned to design and manufacture the stainless steel metalwork.

Mike Garner and Sue Roberts, Directors of Dymond Engineering, attended the opening ceremony which was followed by a lovely lunch at the Watersmeet Hotel on Saturday 9th June.

The display beautifully depicts the history of the two villages in words and stunning drawings which were all hand drawn onto pieces of slate to convey the historical ups and downs of Woolacombe and Mortehoe. You can find it at the far end of the main car park by the steps onto Woolacombe beach.  Its well worth a visit if you are in the area.

It was a wonderful project to be involved with and we are delighted and proud to see the fantastic results in situ against the stunning backdrop of Woolacombe beach and the sea.

Working on the project with Alan Black of Parkin Estates we overcame a number of interesting challenges, not least of which was the uneven floor!  The stainless steel metalwork consists of frames to mount more than 20 sizable pieces of slate, plus balustrades, posts and legs to support the whole display structure.

The results look great – why not check it out when you are next in Woolacombe and let us know what you think!

Mike of Dymond Engineering at the Woolacombe & Mortehoe unveiling Sue of Dymond Engineering at the Woolacombe & Mortehoe unveiling Unveiling at the Woolacombe & Mortehoe Display Opening, attended by Dymond EngineeringDymond's Mike Garner at the Mortehoe & Woolacombe Display Opening Ceremony Mike & Sue of Dymond Engineering attend Woolacombe & Mortehoe Visitor Display opening Dymond Engineering attend the Mortehoe & Woolacombe Display Opening Ceremony