Railston Design

For more than 20 years Dymond have supplied us with innovative solutions at competitive prices, often within tight time scales.

Dymond Engineering work hard to understand a client’s needs and repeatedly deliver above our expectations. They value-engineer in accordance with the market and application, and apply considerable expertise within both areas.

Over the period that we have worked with Dymond they have invested in the necessary technology to enable cost effective solutions suited to an ever demanding market.

Steve Rumsey, Chairman, Railston Design

Buttery Sporting

This season we have started using the Dymond Engineering Partridge Feeders.

They are well built and weigh some 25kg when empty. Their weight means that they do not blow around. They are 100% water tight, suitable for the Exmoor wind and rain.

Holding approximately 60kg of compound pelleted feed, they enable keepers to fill only in favourable weather, say on a twice a week basis. NO wet pellets clogging feeders at all.

Certainly we will look to increase our feeder number in years to come.

Gareth Clark, Headkeeper of Buttery Sporting, Exmoor