Our unique metal retail display systems

Designed by people who understand the realities of retail

Dymond is an expert shop fitting system manufacturer. We have three distinct shop fitting systems; rail, ferrule and vertical beams. We designed them to be quick and straightforward to install, which saves you time, disruption and money. Your staff can easily reconfigure the components to accommodate different products, seasons and promotions. We have designed all 3 retail display systems so that they are compatible. The components will work together, giving you a wider range of different display options.

Rail system

Giving you full creative rein, on your retail display systems even on a limited budget

A beautifully crafted vertical free standing shop fitting with a selection of arms for hanging items     Rail display system with a waterfall drop arm fitting   

  Rail display system with a raised arm fitting    Rail display system with a ladder and a straight arm fitting    Rail display system with a slat panel and fittings including a shelf

Versatile, elegant and discreet, this non-modular system enables you to create stylish bespoke displays in any retail environment. This is true even in tricky spaces or where there are layout constraints.

Your staff and merchandisers will love the flexibility. They can place the range of shelves, arms and accessories wherever required on the rails. The configuration opportunities are endless. This system allows an extensive variety of sales-boosting displays from relatively few components. The attachment of graphics panels or boards means you can combine our rail system with our ferrule system.

Our rail system helped a major international retailer increase sales by 38% while also reducing costs by 28%

Ferrule system

Clean and eye-catching retail display systems that appear to defy gravity

A stepped arm ferrule shop fitting which is nickel plated  a ferrule shop fitting with a straight arm with a chrome finish  A ferrule shop fitting showing a sloping water fall arm with a chrome finish

a chrome plated shelf - part of a ferrule system  Ferrule system showing a T Bar finished in chrome plate This image show the Dymond Engineering ferrule system with different fixtures and fittings

Our ferrule system is quick to install and extremely cost-effective. It gives a crisp, uncluttered retail display. There’s no need for visible support structures such as beams or rails.  This makes it ideal for displaying fashion lines, mobile phones, glasses and accessories.  It’s also easy to combine with our rail system for an almost endless array of display configurations. It is so easy to make a beautiful display using Dymond’s systems.

Vertical beams system

Let your merchandise take centre-stage on our retail display systems

Dymond Engineering vertical beam system  A shop fitting called a sloping waterfall arm for keeping hangers in place  A vertical beam display system-with-straight-hanging-arm

 A cnc cut stepped display arm  A vertical beam display shop fitting  A vertical beam display with a D bar hanging fitting


This stylish and flexible retail display system is so streamlined you hardly see it. Our vertical beam system is slim and discreet. It is ideal for displaying smaller items such as lingerie, children’s clothing, mobile phones.

Using our extensive design engineering experience we’ve successfully built in a number of unique features and benefits.  For starters, it’s suitable for use with both MDF and acrylic boards of varying thickness.  Also, unlike other systems, ours has sufficient integral strength and load bearing capabilities to eliminate the need for additional support. You will not need a backboard! Look no further for your shop fitting manufacturer!

Rail system

A blue print plan of clothing hanging from a rail display system

Ferrule system

Dymond Ferrule System Mock Up

Vertical beam

A blue print plan of clothing hanging from a vertical beam system

Smart features

The Dymond systems include smart features that are innovative and unusual. For instance, our ferrules fit directly into both MDF and acrylic without the need for an additional backboard. Unlike similar systems ours has been engineered with added integral strength. This means there is load bearing capabilities that mean no additional support is required.