A pastel display of casual women's wear including a stripy tops and beach bags, with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering in a Warren Trading Shop

Mid-floor gondola and wall display fittings with straight arms and display shelves.

Warren Trading using Dymond shopfittings

Gondola with shelves and stepped arms to display ladies’ clothing and accessories

Warren Trading using Dymond shopfittings

Wall display fittings with rails, stepped arms and shelves

Warren Trading Co is a family business operating in Dawlish Warren. For over 20 years they have supplied surf-style clothing, gifts and beach accessories and much more! Amongst their brands are Animal, Billabong and Super Dry. Because they occupy a 4000 square foot store there is plenty of space for a world of variety. All of this space to fill, and of course, in a prime seaside location, on the South Devon coast.

Warren Trading Co: The overview – new store, prime location – superior shop fittings, to display respected designer labels

When Warren Trading Co opened new premises on Dawlish Warren seafront in an exclusive location, they wanted a showcase store. One which would promote the extensive stylish brands it retails, in a modern way. In order to achieve this it was time for a shop fittings update. As a result of a recommendation, Warren Trading Co found Dymond via Google. They soon discovered that Dymond is a specialist in producing the sought after ‘distressed’ industrial look – and invited a quote.

The Brief: Custom fittings – ‘distressed, industrial and raw’ – to display modern brands

As the main focus was on ‘Super Dry’, who have such a distinctive brand, of course bold and contemporary shop fittings were needed. The specs were:

  • Robust fittings, for longevity
  • Best use of floor space
  • Ease of use for customers to browse and access merchandise easily
  • Inviting designs with an ‘industrial’ look and feel

The Solution: Long-lasting displays, with a ‘distressed’ look – made with floor space and a busy shop in mind

After receiving the brief from Warren Trading, Dymond started work firstly on a design which would unify the company vision with function and sustainability. Secondly, Dymond took the essence of the ‘Super Dry Look’ and used this as the cornerstone for an industrial aesthetic – one aligned with company character. The finished displays were solidly engineered, modern and perfectly specified for the new store.

The Result: Quality displays and strong sales figures

Expertly designed and engineered shop fittings are the foundation for displaying product to grow sales. Warren Trading Co reported a roaring trade at their new store, and happily commissioned Dymond on another project.