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Galvanised Pheasant and Partridge Feeder

Galvanised Pheasant Feeder

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“We are already using most of the 40 feeders and I am delighted to say after over 2″ of rain all the feed remained bone dry.”

“This season we have started using the Dymond Engineering Partridge Feeders.

They are well built weighing some 25kg empty, thus not blowing around. They are 100% water tight, suitable for the Exmoor wind and rain.”

Holding approximately 60kg of compound pelleted feed, they enable keepers to fill only in favourable weather, say on a twice a week basis.  NO  wet pellets clogging feeders at all.

Certainly we will look to increase our feeder number in years to come.

Gareth Clark

Headkeeper of Buttery Sporting, Exmoor.

Game FeedersDymond Engineering has developed two innovative game bird feeders for shooting estates and syndicates around the UK.

Many years ago Spreacombe Shoot in North Devon tasked Dymond with engineering a galvanised game bird feeder that would overcome the expensive loss of feed due to damp and rain and vermin; costly losses which were not being addressed by the bird feeders that were on the market.

The result was two high-quality galvanised Pheasant and Partridge feeders which are used by headkeepers at a number of shoots with excellent results.  Amongst these are Maristow Shoot, Tregoyd Shoot and Spreacombe Shoot which have kindly given their endorsements.

In 2016-17 we launched the latest design improvements which made these feeders even more secure from unwanted animals and pests.

The owner of Spreacombe Shoot, Brian Stevens, has kindly given the following testimonial:
These are excellent feeders which we have been using for a number of years.  They have proved to be stock proof and also keep the feed dry in wet and misty conditions

 One major benefit of these feeders is their durability; you will re-use them season after season after season.

Dymond Galvanised Pheasant feeder with restrictor bars

Dymond Galvanised Pheasant and Partridge feeder – with restrictor bars



Benefits include:

  • Large 60 kilo capacity
  • A water drip keeps the feed dry in wet weather
  • Removable weather guards so they can be used as shelter in bad weather
  • The Partridge feeder has removable restrictor bars so it can be used for pheasants as well, whilst keeping out deer
  • A central baffle plate ensures even feed distribution on sloping ground
  • Vermin-proof with no plastic parts
  • Easy to move and fill.
  • Longevity – they will last for season after season.


Because we manufacture to order there is a minimum quantity of 10, so some shoots like to order together if they do not all need as many as 10 each.

If you would like further information please contact Dymond Engineering on 01271 372662 or

Dymond Galvanised Pheasant feeder -

Galvanised Pheasant Feeder

Galvanised Pheasant & Partridge Feeder

Galvanised Pheasant and Partridge Feeder

Galvanised Pheasant & Partridge Feeder
Dymond Galvanised Pheasnt Feeder