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Dymond manufactures metal frames for commercial furniture.

Dark blue EPC coated frame for a long bench tables and chairs

We manufactured these frames for a high end restaurant, the dark blue EPC brings longevity and style!

Brown EPC coated designer frame covering mirror

This organic colour metal frame confers elegance to the interior and softens reflections in the mirror.

Black and Beige EPC coated frames for desks and chairs

Black and contrasting olive EPC metal frames offer a stylish look and gives great strength to this office furniture.

Dark blue EPC coated frame plant hangers and sound baffles

Bringing the outside in. These Summer-sky blue plant hangers allow the energy of feng shui through hanging plants inside!

Black EPC coated frames for desks and chairs

The black EPC metal frames of these office chairs and desks works so well with the timber top finish,

Heavy duty metal desk

These steel desks are ideal for factories or even just for outside areas. Very “Industrial Chic”.

Inside of restaurant - with Brown EPC coated designer frame covering mirrors

Our metal work is a great addition to this lovely vaulted ceiling restaurant. Such a restful environment.

Braunton Library Case Study - Dymond Engineering

We can even re-fit complete libraries. Desks, chairs and shelving systems – all through Dymond.

The Dymond ferrule system - quick to install and extremely cost-effective. It allows a crisp, uncluttered retail display.

A stepped arm ferrule shop fitting which is nickel plated

This is a Dymond ferrule system favourite, the nickel finished stepped display arm.

A ferrule shop fitting showing a sloping water fall arm with a chrome finish

This is a fabulous chrome plated sloping waterfall arm – great for keeping hangers in place.

a ferrule shop fitting with a straight arm with a chrome finish

This very popular fitment from the Dymond ferrule system is a chrome plated straight arm – great value and a best seller.

Ferrule system showing a T Bar finished in chrome plate

This is a chrome finished T bar, these are great for flat areas to give maximum display space.

a chrome plated shelf - part of a ferrule system

The Dymond ferrule system shelf – this one has a metal shelf but toughened glass looks great too!

Dymond Engineering ferrule system with different fixtures and fittings shown

The mock-up shows the different fixtures and fittings within the system…

A blue print plan of clothing hanging from a ferrule system

… and here we have a blue-print of how the system can be used – this is such a flexible system.

The Dymond rail system - this non-modular system enables you to create stylish bespoke displays.

Rail display system with a waterfall drop arm fitting

This stylish waterfall drop arm fitting is part of the Dymond rail display system

Rail display system with a straight arm

A clever and smart alternative to the waterfall arm is the straight arm option. A popular choice.

Rail display system with a raised stepped arm fitting

Another option in this rail display system – the raised stepped arm fitting it’s great for those niche products.

Rail display system with a raised arm fitting

This is a raised arm fitting another option within the rail display system.

Rail display system with a ladder and a straight arm fitting

This straight arm rail display fitting is shown on a metal ladder.

Rail display system with a slat panel and fittings including a shelf

Here the rail display system is shown with a back panel and fittings including a shelf.

A rail display system with a D-Bar and acrylic shelf fitting

The D-bar and acrylic shelf show yet more versatility with this system.

Rail display system showing an aluminium rail section with a utilities channel

This is the profile close up of the aluminium rail display system showing more clearly the utilities channel.

The Dymond vertical beam system - stylish, flexible and so streamlined you hardly see it.

A shop fitting called a sloping waterfall arm for keeping hangers in place

This fitting is called a sloping waterfall arm and is great for keeping hangers in place.

A vertical beam display system-with-straight-hanging-arm

Here we have a vertical beam display with a straight (or horizontal) hanging arm.

A cnc cut stepped display arm

This is a CNC laser cut stepped display arm. A great addition to the vertical beam system and really popular.

A vertical beam display with a D bar hanging fitting

This is another part of the Dymond vertical beam display system, a D-Bar hanging fitting.

A vertical beam display shop fitting

This mid-floor gondola with hanging arms is another fitting in the Dymond vertical beam display system.

Dymond Engineering vertical beam system

It’s hard to get a good picture of this one – it is so light!

A blue print plan of clothing hanging from a vertical beam system

This blue print shows a mock up of just how versatile the Dymond vertical beam system really is!

Rock and Roll Beds

Metal Rock n Roll VW Bed
Rock and Roll Bed for Campervans
A Dymond Rock and Roll Bed frame

We manufacture and supply very high quality bed frames to the conversion industry – specifically when cost, quality and time is critical to a camper van build. We can do this because we have our own design rock and roll bed frame – the EeZee Glide.

Double latch pin locking system secures the seat in place
Rock and Roll Bed showing the great quality welding and finish
Rock and Roll Bed Frame for Camper Van Conversion

With both safety and strength in mind our bed frames are made of heavy duty steel box section and have a double latch pin locking system which locks either side of the frame. The quality of welding and Engineering Performance Coating (EPC) is excellent, they look great even before they get upholstered!

Upholstered rock and roll bed in an upright position - in grey and black
Rock and Roll bed with black and grey upholstery at a 90 degree angle
A hand is pulling the loop to open a Rock and Roll Bed
Rock and roll bed shown here in grey and black upholstery in the flat position

Here are a few shots of one of our upholstered beds. The heavy duty handle makes using the bed so easy – these beds will give you a great night’s sleep in luxurious comfort!

The Total Training Tower - TX3

The Total Training Tower TX3
Pull up bars
Safety Bars
Dip Bar

It is hard to do justice to the scale and quality of the TX3 with just a few pictures. We are really proud of this co-created squat rack we worked with a GB Para athlete to produce this one – you can read about it here Jack’s story

Jack Eyers sitting on a TX3 - with weights across the bars behind him and Fitness written above him
Photography By Upright Upright Media

Here are a selection of our hand sanitiser stands

Mobile Hand Sanitiser Stand being used by a child wearing PPE
Oli Owl hand sanitiser and Darcy sanitising her hands
2 hand santisers on stands white.

During 2020, we started to fabricate custom hand sanitiser stands for schools and business. They are so adaptable that they will even fit your existing dispensing units, so there is no need to buy new dispensers. Being free-standing, you can place them exactly where you need them, inside or out. We recommend bringing them in overnight or if it pours with rain though!

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