A beautiful display adult evening-wear including dresses, jewellery and shoes in a Taking Shape shop with shop fittings and laser cut screen by Dymond Engineering

Brushed Stainless Steel Shop fittings: mid-floor gondolas, wall fittings, and courtesy screen

A stunning display adult-wear including dresses and blouses in an LC Waikiki shop with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering

Retail display fittings for ladies fashion: mid-floor gondolas and wall fittings

A sophisticated arrangement adult-wear including blouses, jewellery and shoes in a Taking Shape shop with shop fittings by Dymond Engineering

Brushed stainless steel fittings: displaying ladies fashion, handbags and jewellery

Taking Shape: The overview – a large-scale project, 30 new stores, bespoke metal shop fittings from scratch

Taking Shape was new to the UK, and eagerly planning its first wave of UK stores, an ambitious project. The launch required a huge amount of retail display equipment. A shop fittings project on such a large scale was no mean feat; and required an exceptional company. In Dymond, Taking Shape found their ideal partner.

The Brief: New beginnings

Taking Shape wanted to shake things up. They wanted to get back to the drawing board and start work on a new look. A look that would underpin their UK transition.

They wanted displays and fittings that were:

  • Stylish
  • Hard wearing
  • Cost effective
  • Easy for customer browsing and access
  • Versatile
  • Consistent with the corporate branding
  • Manufactured in line with the opening of the new stores

The Solution: Contemporary materials and cost effective design, with a brand-aware aesthetic

First off and most importantly, Dymond actively listened to the brief and addressed the key requirements in a series of innovative designs. One proposal was the use of brushed stainless steel in place of the chromed finish used in Taking Shape’s original Chinese fittings. This offered a cost saving and increasing durability.

Taking Shape was impressed, giving Dymond its full UK roll out of several stores per month.

The Result: Smiles all around, a happy client – 26 new stores in 2 years

The equipment was meticulously engineered for style, strength and value-engineered for cost-effective pricing; delivered on time and installed with a 100% success rate.

Taking Shape was delighted: 26 new stores, in 2 years, all from the ground up – with the help, and invaluable expertise of Dymond.

Dymond continued to collaborate with Taking Shape, devising new fittings and fixtures, including intricate jewelry displays. However the Taking Shape brand did not sell as well in the UK market as it does in Australia so after giving it their best shot the company decided to close the UK business in 2016.

Customer’s comment: world-class shop fittings and service

Lee Turner, Director of Retail Store Development at Taking Shape, said: “It is not easy coming to a new country with the aim of establishing a new clothing brand with retail high street stores and shopping centres, plus online and retail logistics.

The quality of shop fittings Dymond Shop Fittings supplied are second to none. Even with the sometimes very short lead times, your company has never missed a deadline.

Opening 26 boutiques in a two-year period is a task in its own right and when working under such pressure it is an absolute pleasure to hear the other end of the phone continually say ‘we can do that!’ ”

“I cannot recommend your company enough for producing world-class shop fittings”